Enhancement of Pyrolysis Yield Distribution and Particulate Emission of Empty Fruit Bunches by Washing Pre-Treatment

Aizuddin Abdul Rahman, Fauziah Sulaiman, Nurhayati Abdullah
2015 Journal of Atmosphere  
Empty fruit bunches (EFB) are treated with distilled water at different washing medium temperature. The effects on the yield distribution of pyrolysis products and its particulate emission released are studied via feedstock behaviours analysis and the effectiveness of washing pre-treatment. Room temperature washing medium is considered as the optimum washing medium condition of pre-treatment in order to provide better qualities of feedstock for pyrolysis work. The feedstock are possessed with
more » ... re possessed with minimal weight percentage of ash content, and acquired great amount of volatiles matter and energy value of 87.63 wt% and 18.04 MJ/kg, respectively. Furthermore, yield distribution of EFB pyrolysis products are enhanced to around 40.98 wt% of bio-char, 55.08 wt% of pyrolysis liquid and 3.93 wt% of gas. Particulate emissions of EFB feedstock are described accordingly by three combustion phases of pyrolysis process. The raw/untreated EFB was revealed to release higher amount of particulate emission along the pyrolysis activity as compared to the treated EFB feedstock. The paper's primary contribution is finding that the properties of empty fruit bunches are improved by the employment of water washing pre-treatment. Better feedstock behaviours will promoting positive influence towards the yield distribution of pyrolysis products at minimal release of the particulate emission during burning activity. convert into many molecular substance forms after undergoes thermal conversion process, such as dispersions of nanoparticles in a tar-liquid, on reactor surfaces, or embedded in a continuous biomass matrix. Therefore, there will be forming great limitation to utilize as main sources in power and energy production by creating several thermal energy problems such as combustion, maintenance and environmental issues [2] . ash content and enhance the energy value of feedstock to 2.74 wt% and 18.04 MJ/kg, respectively. By the pre-treatment, the yield of pyrolysis products are optimally produced by amounting to 40.98 wt% of bio-char, 55.08 wt% of pyrolysis liquid and 3.93 wt% of gas fractions. Via pyrolysis process, major releases of EFB particulate matter are revealed within time interval of 1000 to 3000s. Particulate emissions by the RT treatment feedstock are consistently released at low in amount for every burning phases of pyrolysis process.
doi:10.18488/journal.94/2015.1.2/ fatcat:vzwz322btngrbfhali5c26s36a