Words alignment based on association rules for cross-domain sentiment classification

Xi-bin Jia, Ya Jin, Ning Li, Xing Su, Barry Cardiff, Bir Bhanu
2018 Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering  
Automatic classification of sentiment data (e.g., reviews, blogs) has many applications in enterprise user management systems, and can help us understand people's attitudes about products or services. However, it is difficult to train an accurate sentiment classifier for different domains. One of the major reasons is that people often use different words to express the same sentiment in different domains, and we cannot easily find a direct mapping relationship between them to reduce the
more » ... ces between domains. So, the accuracy of the sentiment classifier will decline sharply when we apply a classifier trained in one domain to other domains. In this paper, we propose a novel approach called words alignment based on association rules (WAAR) for cross-domain sentiment classification, which can establish an indirect mapping relationship between domain-specific words in different domains by learning the strong association rules between domain-shared words and domain-specific words in the same domain. In this way, the differences between the source domain and target domain can be reduced to some extent, and a more accurate cross-domain classifier can be trained. Experimental results on Amazon R datasets show the effectiveness of our approach on improving the performance of cross-domain sentiment classification.
doi:10.1631/fitee.1601679 fatcat:ssbrxauq7jfsbppndbizhkqz4q