Evaluation of violent behaviors in secondary school
Evaluación de los comportamientos violentos en los centros educativos

Luis Alvarez, David Alvarez, Paloma González-Castro, José Carlos Núñez, Julio Antonio González-Pienda
2006 Psicothema  
School harassment, or bullying, is a term that for being so frequent already forms a part of our vocabulary. In the present work one presents a new instrument of evaluation of the violence that happens in the school centers. The Questionnaire of School Violence (CUVE) has been elaborated and, later, applied to a sample of 1637 teenagers of seven centers of Secondary Obligatory Education (public and compound). The CUVE evaluates in a trustworthy way five dimensions of the school violence: a)
more » ... ical indirect violence on the part of the student body; b) verbal violence of the student body towards companions; c) physical direct violence between (among) pupils; d) verbal violence of the student body towards the professorship; and e) violence of the professorship towards the student body.
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