NOTE-Chromosome numbers of Jatropha curcas L.: an important agrofuel plant

Nair Dahmer, Maria Teresa Schifino Wittmann, Luiz Antônio dos Santos Dias
2009 Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology  
Chromosome numbers were determined in five populations of the agrofuel physic nut plant (Jatropha curcasL.). Somatic chromosome numbers were counted from root-tip cells of four individuals per population and all had 2n=22chromosomes, corresponding to the diploid level (x=11). The chromosomes are small (ca. 1 to 2 μm), meta orsubmetacentrics. The present results are in line with literature and indicate that all J. curcas populations examined so farare diploid. This lack of variation in
more » ... iation in chromosome number contrasts with the high variability in other characteristics. Fromthe plant breeding viewpoint, the fact that all populations analyzed are diploid and have the same chromosome number isan advantage for planning crosses and obtaining hybrids.
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