Alleviating Cold-Start Problems in Recommendation through Pseudo-Labelling over Knowledge Graph [article]

Riku Togashi, Mayu Otani, Shin'ichi Satoh
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Solving cold-start problems is indispensable to provide meaningful recommendation results for new users and items. Under sparsely observed data, unobserved user-item pairs are also a vital source for distilling latent users' information needs. Most present works leverage unobserved samples for extracting negative signals. However, such an optimisation strategy can lead to biased results toward already popular items by frequently handling new items as negative instances. In this study, we tackle
more » ... the cold-start problems for new users/items by appropriately leveraging unobserved samples. We propose a knowledge graph (KG)-aware recommender based on graph neural networks, which augments labelled samples through pseudo-labelling. Our approach aggressively employs unobserved samples as positive instances and brings new items into the spotlight. To avoid exhaustive label assignments to all possible pairs of users and items, we exploit a KG for selecting probably positive items for each user. We also utilise an improved negative sampling strategy and thereby suppress the exacerbation of popularity biases. Through experiments, we demonstrate that our approach achieves improvements over the state-of-the-art KG-aware recommenders in a variety of scenarios; in particular, our methodology successfully improves recommendation performance for cold-start users/items.
arXiv:2011.05061v1 fatcat:3xelswj5zrfq5n72ozydj3dxuq