Effect of Polyimide Redistribution Layer on Drop Impact Reliability of Embedded Wafer Level BGA Package
Embedded Wafer Level BGAパッケージの落下衝撃信頼性におよぼすポリイミド再配線層の影響

下田 秀治, 苅谷 義治, 藤田 充
2014 MES  
In this study, stress buffer effect of polyimide film on structures around bumps of eWLB Package has been investigated. The polyimide (PI) layer has the effect of buffering against the stress at the structure around bumps and thickness and elastic modulus of PI are highly significant.The effects of thickness and elastic modulus on the first principal stress at the solder-UBM interface and the UBM-PI-RDL interface are in a trade-off relationship. The stresses at both interfaces decreases with
more » ... elastic modulus and large thickness at the solder-UBM interface and with high elastic modulus and small thickness at the UBM-PI-RDL interface.
doi:10.11486/mes.24.0_359 fatcat:xat3bvz5ibh5lhzr2yldmvjnbq