Scaling Method of Earthquake Records for the Seismic Analysis of Tall Buildings
초고층 구조물의 지진해석을 위한 지진기록의 조정방법

2008 Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea  
>> In recent years, time history analysis has been the method generally used for the seismic analysis of tall buildings with damping devices. When T is the natural period of the first vibration mode of the structure, the sum of the spectral acceleration of the earthquake ground motion is usually adjusted to that of the design response spectrum in the period ranging from 0.2T to 1.5T to meet the requirements of design code. However, when the ground motion is scaled according to the design code,
more » ... he differences in the responses obtained by response spectrum analysis (RSA) and time history analysis (THA) of the structures increase as the natural period of the structure becomes longer. When time history analysis is performed by using ground accelerations that are scaled according to the design code, base shear is similar to that obtained from RSA, but other responses, such as displacements, drifts and member forces, are underestimated compared to RSA. If these results are adjusted by multiplying with the scale-up factor, the scaled responses become much smaller. Therefore, a scaling method of ground motions corresponding with the design code is proposed in this study, as a way of assisting structural engineers in generating artificial ground motions.
doi:10.5000/eesk.2008.12.5.011 fatcat:cvwg3io3g5gu3dfqvw4w5afmqy