CassavaMap, a fine-resolution disaggregation of cassava production and harvested area in Africa in 2014

Anna Szyniszewska, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
Cassava, the third main source of carbohydrates in Africa, provides daily nutrition for over 700 million people on the continent and a vital source of income for subsistence farmers. Despite its importance, our knowledge of the heterogeneity of its distribution in the landscape is limited and outdated. Information on cassava production and harvested area are typically available on aggregated administrative unit level with highly variable temporal range of records, often over a decade old, and
more » ... a decade old, and represented on a coarse ~10 km by 10 km grid. Here, cassava production and harvested area administrative unit level data for 32 countries are standardised to 2014 FAO reported levels and disaggregated based on the distribution of the rural population in 2014. The grid obtained represents a significant improvement on the previous studies in terms of both spatial resolution (~1 km by 1 km) and temporal accuracy. Enhanced representation of cassava production and harvested area in Africa is an essential resource for policy making as well as designing strategies to manage its main pathogens.
doi:10.17863/cam.55045 fatcat:3d462nhvenduzf3y23rduh6qzi