Contribution to the Pathology and Therapy of Submucous inflammation of the Larynx (Laryngitis Submucosa Acuta)

John Sendziak
1908 The Journal of Laryngology Rhinology and Otology  
operative conditions, but in only one was there definite recurrent paralysis. Operation made no difference in this case. In two cases the recurrent laryngeal was injured by the operative measures. In one of these a portion of the nerve involved in a " hard papilliferous tumour believed to be malignant" was intentionally removed, but recovery of the voice, to an " almost normal" condition, was found to have taken place when the case was examined several months later. In the second case mild
more » ... cond case mild suppuration, following the enucleation of a cystic adenoma, was followed by paralysis of one cord. In the series operated on by this writer it will be observed that the percentage of cases in which the recurrent nerve was injured during operation was very low. The larynx was examined with the mirror, both before and after operation, in all cases.
doi:10.1017/s1755146300180497 fatcat:mvxjf2pevjht3cfctxb2xkguqe