Prognosis of the Apical Fragment of Root Fractures after Root Canal Treatment of Both Fragments in Immature Permanent Teeth

Jaesik Lee, Soonhyeun Nam
In the root fracture, pulp necrosis tends to involve only the coronal fragment, while the pulp in the apical fragment remains vital. The prognosis of endodontic treatment of the apical fragment is poor due to the possibility of overfilling of the space between the fragments and difficulty in removing necrotic tissue. In the present cases, endodontic treatment of the apical fragment of root fracture was performed. However, in reendodontic treatment, resistance was felt at the fracture site and
more » ... fracture site and access to the root canal in the apical fragment was difficult. Therefore, the calcium hydroxide was periodically exchanged only in the coronal fragment without further treatment in the apical fragment and the canal of the coronal fragment was finally filled with Gutta-percha. Regular observation revealed no radiologic complications in the apical fragment. In some cases, we can observe good healing pattern such as absorption of calcium hydroxide and pulp canal obliteration of apical fragment in the long term. Abstract 123 Corresponding author : Soonhyeun Nam
doi:10.5933/jkapd.2018.45.1.123 fatcat:nwqr63z5avgg7k5z4y7bj65zbm