Investigation of integration of sensory systems in structures via three-dimensional printing [article]

Στέφανος Κριτσωτάκης, University Of West Attica, Κωνσταντίνος Καλκάνης
Three-dimensional printing is a technology that has been around for several decades. While in the beginning its usage was severely limited, in modern times it has evolved drastically and has been applied a number of different industries due to its advantages. There are a multitude of different methods that 3D printing may be used with, each better serving a variety of applications. One such application is the fabrication of sensory units. Sensor devices are built to be implemented onto a given
more » ... tructure or environment in order to take measurements of certain parameters regarding the target's status. Sensors that monitor a structure's health parameters, such as accelerometers and strain gauges among others, are being studied given the importance of structural health monitoring in our time. Methods and the advantages of 3D printing such structural sensors are being studied in order to be applied in structural sensory systems. Further study includes the integration of wireless sensory systems onto structures, including both modern buildings and historical monumental structures.
doi:10.26265/polynoe-1220 fatcat:j3hwzdv3nvd6nhlxdc2lbfytry