A Novel Approach for Key Management in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks

Kandula Aswani, M Omprakash
2016 unpublished
Nowdays, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used in wide variety of applications.So to advance security for WSNs and to protect the WSNs from various attack uses key management which is an effective way. A appropriate encryption key protocol are used to secure data and communication.In thispaper, a certificateless-effective key management (CL-EKM) protocol is proposed to have a secure communication in dynamic WSNs characterized by node mobility. The CL-EKM protocol supports an
more » ... pports an economical communication for key updates and manages once a node joins or leaves a cluster and ensures forward and backward key secrecy. A protocol also supports key revocation for negotiated nodes and to diminish the impact of a node compromise on the protection of alternative communication links.