Pharmacopornographic Subjectivity in the Work of Paul B. Preciado

Sofia Ropek Hewson, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Martin Crowley
This thesis examines 'pharmacopornographic' subjectivity in the work of contemporary Spanish philosopher, Paul B. Preciado, and represents the first extended study of his work. In Preciado's writing, 'pharmacopornographic' describes the entwined influence and dominance of the pharmaceutical and pornographic industries, and the thesis analyses how they produce 'pharmacopornographic' subjects. This thesis explores Preciado's writing on gender, sexuality, pornography, drugs and power between 2002
more » ... nd 2014 and articulates an emergent trans-feminism. This research analyses how pharmacological and pornographic industries affect the design and production of genders and subjectivities. The thesis further refines Preciado's assertion that contemporary, 'pharmacopornographic' regimes of power produce subjects rather than objects, or people, rather than things. Ultimately, this research is concerned with understanding the production of pharmacologically-determined subjectivity. The thesis articulates various subject positions, as a means of theorising pharmacopornographic subjectivity: 'The Voyeur', 'The Sex Worker', 'The Biodrag King' and 'The Junkie'. These subject-position chapters are prefaced with a chapter exploring theoretical frameworks used to analyse Preciado's work, and the thesis concludes with a chapter on accelerationism and the microprosthetic scale of Testo Junkie.
doi:10.17863/cam.32468 fatcat:6naqtvhikbedphlr7jpgn5vjdm