Changes in tissue oxidative enzymes in rats exposed to red bull energy drink and alcohol

L Ekakitie, S.O. Asagba, O.C. Orororo
2019 Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management  
There is increase in combined ingestion of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, but studies on their combined effects on tissue oxidative enzymes are limited. Hence, the present study examined the changes in tissue oxidative enzymes (aldehyde oxidase, AO, EC; xanthine oxidase, XO, EC; sulphite oxidase, SO, EC; and monoamine oxidase, MO, EC in the liver, kidney, heart, brain and testes of rats exposed to red bull energy drink and ethanol. Twenty eight Wistar
more » ... ts (190±5g) were used for the study. The animals were divided into four groups. Group 1 which was fed with only grower's mash and water served as control. In addition to the normal dietand water rats in Group 2 receivedRed bull energy drink (3.5ml/kg body weight), while those in Group 3 received Ethanol (1.25g/kg body weight) by intubation. Rats in Group 4 received bothred bull and ethanol as in Groups 2 and 3.Consumption of red bull significantly (P<0.05) decreased liver AO activity as compared to control. The results showed that red bull, ethanol or their combination had variable effects on tissue oxidative enzymes as alteration was observed in the activity of the oxidative enzymes. The effect of a combination of red bull and ethanol was more pronounced in the liver MO, kidney AO, liver XO and liver SO than either red bull or ethanol alone. In conclusion the present study has shown that consumption of red bull, ethanol or their combination may alter the ability of tissue oxidative enzymes to metabolize zenobiotics.
doi:10.4314/jasem.v23i6.27 fatcat:52sohe7qpvbzfbbodgbqknryn4