1880 Notes and Queries  
directed attention some weeks ago, permit me to say, once and for all, that it is not a question between me and the waifs and strays of any profession, lay or clerical, but a question between me and the public, and between Mr. Hubert Chambers and the public. Had I been accused of tho sole authorship of the Vestiges, it would have been enough for my purpose to have met the accusation with a simple denial. The rumour, however, was, not that I was the author, but that I was in some way or ether
more » ... ome way or ether connected with the up-getting of the work, and to meet such a rumour there was no other mode than stating candidly, and without reservation, the amount of that connexion. This I have done, and if Mr. Chambers feels aggrieved by one jot or tittle of what I stated at Dundee, the same course is open to him, and the public can decide between us. When the Vestiges made its appearance in 1844, hundreds of fingers at once pointed out the establishment of Messrs. Chambers as the source from which the work emanated; and boing then unluckily connected with that establishment, and the author of several of their scientific publications, it was at once rumoured that I had had some share in the preparation. With this injurious rumour I have borne for years, and might have still borne, had it not been for the preface and appendix to the late illustrated edition of the Vestiges, in which the author disingenuously endeavours to mislead public attention from the real EOurce, and to direct and fix it upon other quarters. On the appearance of that preface, now more than twelve months ago, I wrote to Jlr. Chambers:-" ' St. Andrews, 25 Oct, 1853. '"Sir,-Permit me to request your attention to a subject which has of late given me a good deal of thought, and not a little annoyance. I allude to the rumour that I am Ic33 or more connected with the Vestiges, and im therefore responsible for its facts and opinions. Of this rumour (greatly aggravated by the preface and appendix to the recent illustrated edition)
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