Stigmatization as a Tool of Populist Political Discourse

Maryna Baranivska
2022 Scientific Journal of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 22. Political Sciences and Teaching Methodology of Socio-Political Disciplines  
Серія 22. Політичні науки та методика викладання соціально-політичних дисциплін 12 conscientious war was carried out, its psychological and informational dimensions were emphasized. It is justified that not only consciousness, but also political culture enters its objects of impression due to the erosion of the value basis and identification of a person as a basis for further manipulation. The author considered the war of consciousness through the context of the concepts of the culture of war
more » ... d violence and the culture of peace, which are reflected in the documents of the United Nations. The characteristics of a «culture of war and violence» are a belief in power based on force; the presence of the enemy; authoritarian management; secrecy and propaganda; armament; exploitation of people; exploitation of nature; male dominance The specified characteristics reproduce the value, behavioral, and instrumental dimensions of culture. The foundations of a culture of peace are tolerance, solidarity, international understanding; democratic participation; free flow of information; disarmament; Human Rights; Sustainability; equality of women and men. It is important to cultivate a culture of peace, which narrows the opportunity for the formati on and spread of a culture of war and violence. The features of the conscientious war as an element of Russia's war against Ukraine are outlined: the destruction of Ukrainian universities, museum and cultural centers; lies, distortion and twisting of facts, information, violation of agreements, creation and dissemination of myths, etc. The comprehensive solution to the issue of confronting conscientious weapons and tools at the level of the state, society and citizen is emphasized. Particular attention is p aid to the attitude of citizens of different countries to Russia's war against Ukraine. Common positions and disagreements in the views of Europeans regarding the importance, participation and support of Ukraine in this war have been determined.
doi:10.31392/pnspd.v22i32.1286 fatcat:qmn3mje7bfaifgayowai64vbya