1890 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
directs attention to the considerable solvent action of camphor upon iodoform. He found that it requires ten grammes of alcohol for the solution of .125 gramme of iodoform, yet tho quantity of the latter dissolved is one gramme if the alcohol be first saturated with camphor. -The New York World, which is nothing if not enterprising, has matched its recent performance of Nellie Bly with the doctors by a similar trial on the druggists. A reporter took two prescriptions around to thirty-six drug
more » ... o thirty-six drug stores, had them compounded, paid for them, took receipts, then went home and wrote a three-column article, which was duly published in the IVorld. Tho two prescriptions, as priced by " a prominent member of the drug jobbing trade," were as below :
doi:10.1056/nejm189007311230509 fatcat:vsdv4463vrbgdnir4smnwut5v4