CL.—The constitution of berberine

Charles Kenneth Tinkler
1911 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
As the result of a long series of researches on berberine by Perkin (Trans., 1889, 55, 63; 1890, 57, 992; 1910, 97, 331) and others, tho constitution of the alkaloid is now represented by the formula (1) : 00--CH, O H (1.) It has, however, been pointed out by Gadamer (Arch. PJhamn., 1905, 243, 31) that such slr substituted ammonium hydroxide would also be capable of representation in the aldehydic (11) or carbinol form (111):
doi:10.1039/ct9119901340 fatcat:jedkf5yznvek3loc6rs6lacagy