From Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Bahman Zohuri
2020 Modern Approaches on Material Science  
With today's growing information and overloading of its volume based on tremendous size of data growing to the level of big data, Business Intelligence (BI) is not enough to handle any day-to-day business operation of any enterprises. It is becoming tremendously difficult to analyze the huge amounts of data that contain the information and makes it very strenuous and inconvenient to introduce an appropriate methodology of decision-making fast enough to the point that it can be, considered as
more » ... l time, a methodology that we used to call it BI. The demand for real time processing information and related data both structured and unstructured is on the rise and consequently makes it harder and harder to implement correct decision making at enterprise level that was driven by BI, in order to keep the organization robust and resilient against either man made threats or natural disasters. With smart malware in modern computation world and necessity for Internet-of-Things (IoT), we are in need of a better intelligence system that today we know it as Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI with its two other subset that are called Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), we have a better chance against any cyber-attack and makes our day-to-day operation within our organization a more robust one as well makes our decision making as stakeholder more trust worthy one as well.
doi:10.32474/mams.2020.02.000137 fatcat:jtldl7iy7jdgvia5lc4ff7rbya