Multiparametric Sensor Node for Environmental Monitoring Based on Energy Harvesting

Damiano Crescini, Farid Touati, Alessio Galli
2022 Atmosphere  
The heterogeneity and levels of chemicals released into the environment have dramatically grown in the last few years. Therefore, new low-cost tools are increasingly required to monitor pollution and follow its trends over time. Recent approaches in electronics and wireless communications permit the expansion of low-power, low-cost, and multiparametric sensor nodes that are limited in size and communicate untethered in small distances. For such a monitoring system to be ultimately feasible, a
more » ... itable power source for these nodes must be found. The present research falls within the frame of this global effort. The study sits within the context discussed above with the particular aim of developing groundbreaking technology-based solutions by means of efficient environmentally powered wireless smart sensors. This paper presents a multiparametric sensor node for indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring, able to work without battery and human intervention, harvesting energy from the surrounding environment for perpetual operation. The complete system design of the sensor and experimental results are reported. The evaluation of the energy-harvesting blocks with a budget allocation of the power consumption is also discussed.
doi:10.3390/atmos13020321 fatcat:vzs2l65dsfc4da5dn2z5mxrmvq