Osteological Examination and Image Analysis of a Cranium of the Japanese Wolf Found at Private House in Yamanashi Prefecture

Hideki ENDO, Takeo SAKAI, Takuya ITOU, Hiroshi KOIE, Junpei KIMURA
2004 Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine  
ABsTRA ⊂T・ Ve considered a sku ] 1011 Canis preserved at a private h⊂, use m Yarnanashi Prefecture as that ofJapanese wolf , Cα nis hodo ρ hilax . The size was 126 . 3 min in zygornallc breddth. 107. 9 mrn in median pala し aHer 】 gth and 38 . 2 mm in Ieast breadth betweerl orbits. The ders 〔 , −ventrally smalier frollral bone alld caudo . laterally enlarged zygornadc arch cDuld be l ) bserved . The [ 10stro − cranial separation of the ros し ral alar foramen and 匸he hollow in the medlan part of
more » ... he posterior mallgin of the patatine b〔me were c〔 川 firrnec ] 、 The most dorsal region of the zygomaUc arch consisted of the zygomadc pllocess orthe temIx )ral bone . Bo〔 h os 〔 eometircal and non − rne 〔 曜 . lcal characters demonstrated tha し the material was the skull D [ ' th E, , extinct Japallese " ・ o [ £ In add 而 on lhe CT ( cornl コuted 匸omography )imaging analysis pomted out tha〔 the nasal meatus was separated imo lhe dorsaL media [and ventral nasal parts、 and that the meatus poss〔 tssed complica [ ed st. ructl ユre in nadl cavity as well as ln the domesticate 〔1 d⊂〕 g . The distinc [ nasal sept . 1ユm ⊂ : ar しi 】 age and dorso. ventrally rlarrov 、 ' fr〔mlal sinus c 〔 ,uld be seen in CT lmages. These CT data wi [ 1 he[ p us to discuss the olfac . tory function in 〔he japanese w ⊂ 〕 1f .
doi:10.5686/jjzwm.9.109 fatcat:hftyrlicjjehdof7md2tm554qe