SANS from tetradecylpyridinium bromide based microemulsions

Paul M. Lindemuth, Boualem. Hammouda, Raymond L. Venable
1990 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Small-angle neutron scattering is used to investigate tetradecylpyridinium bromide/pentanol/ heptane/ heavy water microemulsions in the water-in-oil (W/O) microemulsion phase diagram region. The heavy water content is increased while the other components (surfactant, cosurfactant, hydrocarbon) are kept constant. With use of a simple model assuming spherical micelles interacting with a hard-sphere potential (Percus-Yevick model), aggregate sizes and packing fractions have been extracted and
more » ... to agree with values determined from the mixing conditions. These experiments clearly show the transition from the single-particle (heavy water + Stern layer droplet) scattering regime at low water concentration to the mixed single/interdroplet scattering regime when the intermicellar distance becomes comparable to the size of the micelles. (18) Friberg, S. E.; Flaim, T. D.; Plummer, P. L.
doi:10.1021/j100384a049 fatcat:jiuxgrzqorgndjufyixorp5iy4