The Effect of Moisture and Temperature on Thermophysical Properties of Iranian Pistachios

A. Kouchakzad, T. Tavakoli
2010 American Journal of Food Technology  
Thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity and bulk density of pistachios were measured at temperature ranging from 50 to 93°C and moisture content ranging from 3 to 52% (db). The line heat source method was employed to determine thermal conductivity and diffusivity. Specific heats were calculated from measured thermal conductivity, diffusivity and bulk density. Decreases in moisture content to 11.5% (db) produce reduction in thermal conductivity and specific heat, but decreases in moisture
more » ... es in moisture content to 3.3% (db), cause proportional increases in thermal conductivity and specific heat. Average values of thermal conductivity and specific heat were changed from 0.231 to 0.466 W/m°C and from 1894 to 3820 J/Kg°C in different moisture content, respectively. Key word: Bulk thermal conductivity • bulk thermal diffusivity • bulk density • specific heat • line heat source method • Iran pistachio
doi:10.3923/ajft.2010.195.206 fatcat:aoup6kexozaffinqf5ecwrsi5a