XIV.—The nitration of diethyl monobenzoyl- and mono-p-toluyl-tartrates

Percy Faraday Frankland, Henry Leonard Heathcote, Clarence James Green
1903 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
Again, the relative rotatory effects of the NO, and methyl groups may be ascertained from another series of compnrisons, namely, dinitro-0.3475 gave 0,1666 K,S04. KHC4H406 requires K = 20.74 per cent, I n order t o ascertain whether racemisation had occurred in the preparation, this potassium hydrogen tartrate was examined polarimetrically in aqueous solution a t 20' : glacial acetic acid. K = 21.50. * Miss Hal tlc subsequently obtaineda mcalting point of 113'6' by crystallising from N 2
doi:10.1039/ct9038300168 fatcat:5zigrpvutbgbff4do4rh2l3qgq