A translaminar genetic logic for the circuit identity of intracortically-projecting neurons [article]

Esther Klingler, Andres De la Rossa, Sabine Fievre, Denis Jabaudon
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Distinct subtypes of intracortically-projecting neurons (ICPN) are present in all layers, allowing propagation of information within and across cortical columns. How the molecular identities of ICPN relate to their defining anatomical and functional properties is unknown. Here we show that the transcriptional identities of ICPN primarily reflect their input-output connectivities rather than their birth dates or laminar positions. Thus, conserved circuit-related transcriptional programs are at
more » ... ay across cortical layers, which may preserve canonical circuit features across development and evolution.
doi:10.1101/290395 fatcat:4sibtqdyy5dqxjh77t4v3t6exe