1986 The International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering  
To ensure the quality of large size castinges, production, of casting models on a laboratory scale is necessary as a preliminary step. The main object of this paper is to find, by performing a similarity analysis, the main criterial similarity groups to be preserved in the prototype and a small dimensioned model. The given similarity approach is based on a comprehensive mathematical analysis of the solidification process, heat transfer mechanisms and temperature differentials through the
more » ... ng differential equations of continuity, momentum and energy. Applying mathematical techniques on these equations, the following dimensionless numbers were found to have a valuable importance : phase change number, superheating number . . drift flux number and firiction number. The physical signifi-: • cance of these numbers are discussed and the conditions imposed by them in design of model-casting process are evaluated. The mentioned results are applied to a simple case for the process of casting simulation. Hence, interesting conclusions of the feasibility of this methed for modeling a casting process have been stated.
doi:10.21608/amme.1986.52053 fatcat:abz5b45nmnarrfnb2fyhd6b6pu