A Dynamic Programming Solution to a Generalized LCS Problem [article]

Lei Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Yingjie Wu, Daxin Zhu
2013 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, the string-excluding constrained LCS problem. For the two input sequences X and Y of lengths n and m, and a constraint string P of length r, the problem is to find a common subsequence Z of X and Y excluding P as a substring and the length of Z is maximized. The problem and its solution were first proposed by Chen and Chao1, but we found that their algorithm can not solve the problem correctly. A new dynamic
more » ... solution for the STR-EC-LCS problem is then presented in this paper. The correctness of the new algorithm is proved. The time complexity of the new algorithm is O(nmr).
arXiv:1301.7183v1 fatcat:a2mkkra5rfghlk3cjcr35kzzxe