Polymerization of n-butyl vinyl ether using Montmorillonite catalysts (Mag-H) as cationic initiating system

Fatima Zohra Dahou, Zeoubida Taleb, Abdelghani Benyoucef, Mohamed Belbachir
2013 unpublished
In the present work poly(n-butylvinylether) were prepared successfully and cleanly by a one step process via cationic polymerization of n-butylvinylether (n-BVE) using an non-toxic cationic catalyst, known-as (Mag-H), Mag-H is a activated-montmorillonite sheet silicate clay exchanged with protons to produce Mag-H. The influences of the conditions in polymerization on the yield, composition, microstructure and molecular weight of polymer were thoroughly studied. The resulting monomer reactivity
more » ... monomer reactivity ratios creased with an increasing amount of Mag-H added. This finding suggests that Mag-H participates in the propagation step of the polymerization. The effects of reaction temperature, amount of Mag-H and reaction time on the yield and the intrinsic viscosity (η) were investigated. A typical reaction product of poly(n-BVE) was analyzed by infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as well as by viscosimetry. Abstract Keywords: polymerization, cationic catalyst, n-butylvinylether, activated-montmorillonite.