Об упругих свойствах хиральных металлических нанотрубок из кубических кристаллов

Брюханов Илья Александрович, Волков Михаил Андреевич, Городцов Валентин Александрович, Лисовенко Дмитрий Сергеевич
The study analyzes the elastic properties of chiral metallic nanotubes formed by rolling up thin crystal plates with the [011] and [111] orientations within two frameworks of anisotropic elasticity and molecular statics. Iron, copper and aluminum nanotubes are discussed. It is shown that the tubes have a positive Poisson's ratio in the entire range of chiral angles, unlike nanotubes obtained by rolling up crystal plates with the [010] orientation. The Poynting factor of nanotubes rolled up from
more » ... ubes rolled up from plates with the [011] orientation becomes negative at certain chiral angles, which corresponds to a change in the rolling-up direction of the nanotubes under tension. The description of the dependence of the elastic properties of nanotubes on the chiral angle and thickness within anisotropic elasticity theory agrees qualitatively with the results of molecular statics simulations. The results for some chiral metallic nanotubes are quantitatively different.
doi:10.24412/1683-805x-2021-1-37-49 fatcat:wixz35edg5cnplzfpoisudovoy