Elliptic flow of colored glass in high energy heavy ion collisions

Alex Krasnitz, Yasushi Nara, Raju Venugopalan
2003 Physics Letters B  
We compute the elliptic flow generated by classical gluon fields in a high energy nuclear collision. The classical gluon fields are described by a typical momentum scale, the saturation scale Lambda_s, which is, for RHIC energies, of the order of 1-2 GeV. A significant elliptic flow is generated only over time scales on the order of the system size R. The flow is dominated by soft modes p_T∼ Lambda_s / 4 which linearize at very late times tau ∼ R ≫ 1/Lambda_s. We discuss the implications of our
more » ... result for the theoretical interpretation of the RHIC data.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)03272-0 fatcat:dcp6uh466zgbfip5v4tt234kve