A Case Report of Functional Acupuncture in the Treatment of Senile Left Persistent Facial Paralysis

Han Bingxue, Shao Ming, Liu Jing, Sun Yu, Cong Bei, Du Fei, Li Tong, Yang Dan, Yan Zhi
2021 International Journal of Chinese Medicine  
Idiopathic facial palsy, also known as Bell's palsy (BP) or facial neuritis, is an acute onset of peripheral facial neuropathy. The onset of this disease is rapid, and there is a history of cold, mostly on one side of the face. Objective: to introduce and analyze the method and curative effect of functional acupuncture on one case of senile left persistent facial paralysis. Methods: focus on the functional parts of the affected area that need to be improved, select the acupuncture areas with
more » ... roved trigger function, and select the stimulation dose of electroacupuncture. In other words, functional acupuncture is the main acupuncture method in the treatment process, that is, to take a functional position before acupuncture on the paralyzed side of the cheek, that is, to lift the patient's left corner of the mouth outward to above the functional position with a surgical small retractor (the largest lifting mouth angle is tilted to the left side), to determine the left cheek muscle functional area (needle entry area), and to make corresponding adjustment on the left cheek Acupoints selected in functional areas: Xiaguan, zygomatic Luo, buccal Che, Yingxiang, Renzhong, Taiyang, sizhukong, Chengzhi, yangbai. The needle of 0.35 mm × 40 mm was selected, and 0.3-1 inch flat needling was used with electroacupuncture. The waveform was density wave. Five times a week, 10 times for a course of treatment. Results: after two courses of functional acupuncture treatment, the patient's left eyelid was basically closed, and the air leakage during the left cheek bulging was significantly improved. After eating, the food left in the left cheek disappeared, the left nasolabial groove appeared, the left frontal lines appeared, and the symptoms of the left mouth angle slanting to the right were significantly improved (see the figure below). Conclusion: the essence of functional acupuncture improvement is to re form a strong neuromuscular effect in muscles, destroy the paralysis and weakness of target muscles, and reconstruct the normal neuromuscular coupling mode. The aim of this balance mechanism is to destroy the reflex pattern of abnormal muscle paralysis and muscle weakness and reconstruct an orderly and normal neuromuscular reflex.
doi:10.11648/j.ijcm.20210501.11 fatcat:w7k3jqmb5zcarag762765shdgi