Online Processing, Memory-based Processing, and an Integrated Model of Candidate Evaluation: A simulation-based empirical investigation

2009 The Korean Journal of International Studies  
【ABSTRACT】 This article compares online processing, memory-based processing, and an integrated model of the two, using the empirically observed changes in candidate evaluation during the U.S. presidential election of 2000. The study demonstrates that the online and memory-based processing models, which have often been considered as fundamentally different, are in fact complementary to each other and can be accomodated within a coherent, more comprehensive framework. Also, the simulation result
more » ... f the study suggests that the integrated model fully captures a motivatied reasoning while the online model and memory-based processing model do not, and that this is the key reason why the integrated model outperforms the other two in accounting for the responsiveness and persistence of candidate evaluation observed in the data.
doi:10.14731/kjis.2009. fatcat:dkcqgrou7zahje4jrv5hrkqm6e