Effects of Water Radiolysis in Water Cooled Reactors - Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (NERI) Program [report]

S. M. Pimblott
2000 unpublished
Progress During the Quarter: Section 3.6.7 Year 1 Goals and Deliverables Goal 1. A 25 Marker MLVA System for X pestis The genomic sequence has been analyzed for repeat structure towards finding VNTR loci. Goal 2. MLVA genotype data for 40 Y pestis samples from USAMRHD Analysis of 24 core samples from USAMRIID has been completed with the full 42 VNTR markers. Goal 3. MLVA analysis of California, New Mexico and Arizona X pestis collections. NM samples have been transfen-ed from NM State Health to
more » ... NM State Health to BYU for DNA extraction. Goal 4. A 25 marker MLVA system for B. anthracis Primers for 28 potential VNTR loci have been developed. These are in addition to the original 8 VNTR loci. Goal 5. MLVA genotypic data for -97 unique 1?. ant)iracis strains DISCLAIMER
doi:10.2172/772760 fatcat:f2wkncbs7fal7gjto7r2bqw7da