On special representations of $p$ -adic reductive groups

Elmar Grosse-Klönne
2014 Duke mathematical journal  
Let $F$ be a non-Archimedean locally compact field, let $G$ be a split connected reductive group over $F$. For a parabolic subgroup $Q\subset G$ and a ring $L$ we consider the $G$-representation on the $L$-module$$(*)\quad\quad\quad\quad C^{\infty}(G/Q,L)/\sum_{Q'\supsetneq Q}C^{\infty}(G/Q',L).$$Let $I\subset G$ denote an Iwahori subgroup. We define a certain free finite rank $L$-module ${\mathfrak M}$ (depending on $Q$; if $Q$ is a Borel subgroup then $(*)$ is the Steinberg representation and
more » ... representation and ${\mathfrak M}$ is of rank one) and construct an $I$-equivariant embedding of $(*)$ into $C^{\infty}(I,{\mathfrak M})$. This allows the computation of the $I$-invariants in $(*)$. We then prove that if $L$ is a field with characteristic equal to the residue characteristic of $F$ and if $G$ is a classical group, then the $G$-representation $(*)$ is irreducible. This is the analog of a theorem of Casselman (which says the same for $L={\mathbb C}$); it had been conjectured by Vign\'eras. Herzig (for $G={\rm GL}_n(F)$) and Abe (for general $G$) have given classification theorems for irreducible admissible modulo $p$ representations of $G$ in terms of supersingular representations. Some of their arguments rely on the present work.
doi:10.1215/00127094-2785697 fatcat:o5lwvxpz3fbddeys7khowlaeqi