Dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking by a neutrino condensate

Stefan Antusch, Jörn Kersten, Manfred Lindner, Michael Ratz
2003 Nuclear Physics B  
We show that the electroweak symmetry can be broken in a natural and phenomenologically acceptable way by a neutrino condensate. Therefore, we assume as particle content only the chiral fermions and gauge bosons of the Standard Model and in addition right-handed neutrinos. A fundamental Higgs field is absent. We assume instead that new interactions exist that can effectively be described as four-fermion interactions and that can become critical in the neutrino sector. We discuss in detail the
more » ... uss in detail the coupled Dirac-Majorana gap equations which lead to a neutrino condensate, electroweak symmetry breaking and via the dynamical see-saw mechanism to small neutrino masses. We show that the effective Lagrangian is that of the Standard Model with massive neutrinos and with a composite Higgs particle. The mass predictions are consistent with data.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(03)00188-3 fatcat:4ebhsnpx75gpxh3ocyyithl4qu