Orcas are social mammals

André Chwalibog, Marina Kachar, Ewa Sawosz
2018 International International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology  
After humans, orcas (Orcinus orcas) are the most widely distributed mammals on Earth. 1 They are incredibly effective predators, commonly referred to as 'wolves of the sea.' 2 Although they are frequently dubbed killer whales, they are actually the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae). 3 Given that they are well-adapted to any climate, they can be found in numerous aquatic locations 4 including the Antarctic and Arctic regions as well as in tropical areas. 5 They are
more » ... s. 5 They are unrivaled oceanic apex predators, possessing a number of qualities that suggest considerable intelligence. 6 Following the sperm whale, orcas have the second largest brain of all oceanic mammals. 7 Moreover, their highly evolved communication manners, usage of echolocation and compelling sleep patterns all attest to the impressiveness of this group of marine mammals. However, they need to be recognized and accepted as outstanding social creatures that can coexist with humans.
doi:10.15406/ijawb.2018.03.00101 fatcat:fjlifizlerestac7spa6gxoiqy