Single Magnetic Element-Based High Step-Up Converter for Energy Storage and Photovoltaic System with Reduced Device Count

Muhammad Arif, Mohsin Shahzad, Qianmu Li, Jawad Saleem, Muhammad Shamrooz Aslam, Abdul Majid, Marcio Eisencraft
2020 Complexity  
The multiport DC-DC power converter is a prominent area of research in power electronics due to its highly dense design, reduced device count, and high energy efficiency. In this paper, a nonisolated single magnetic element-based high step-up three-port converter for an energy storage system is presented. The proposed converter has two input ports and one output port. The coupled inductor with switched capacitor is used to achieve high voltage gain. The key features of the proposed converter
more » ... oposed converter are high conversion gain, low voltage stress, zero voltage switching (ZVS), and zero current switching (ZCS). The detailed theoretical analysis and operation of the converter are elaborated. The energy efficiency of the proposed converter is calculated and compared with the other counterparts. Ansys Maxwell is used for the coupled inductor finite element modeling. To verify the applicability and functionality of proposed converter, a 100 W converter with two inputs ( 48 V and 96 V ) and one output 360 V at 100 kHz is tested in the laboratory.
doi:10.1155/2020/5892190 fatcat:okfmw5msardk5ompjxbvok6kyi