Venus Aerobot Multisonde mission

James Cutts, Robert Gershman, Jeffery Hall, V. Kerzhanovich, J. Balaram, Jonathan Cameron, Kenneth Klaasen, David Hansen, Bruce Campbell, Ronald Greeley
1999 International Balloon Technology Conference   unpublished
Robotic exploration of Venus presents many challenges because of the thick atmosphere and the high surface temperatures. The Venus Aerobot Multisonde mission concept addresses these challenges by using a robotic balloon or aerobot to deploy a number of short lifetime probes or sondes to acquire images of the surface. A Venus aerobot is not only a good platform for precision deployment of sondes but is very effective at recovering high rate data. This
doi:10.2514/6.1999-3857 fatcat:j6qkugf5w5bhhms6yqrvgbhhf4