Research on Landscape Design of Building Information Model in Ecological Restoration Projects of Cities along the Yangtze River

2021 Tehnički Vjesnik  
The urban landscape pattern, process and function have three-dimensional characteristics, and the three-dimensional analysis of urban landscape elements is one of the important trends in the development of urban landscape research. However, the current research on the visualization of urban landscape in three dimensions and the application of related models still needs to strengthen. Based on the research of the ecological restoration process, this paper combines the current situation of urban
more » ... andscape construction along the Yangtze River in China and deduces the development trend of urban landscape planning. Based on Building information model (BIM), this article combines Revit software to design landscape construction drawings, and summarizes the specific design process and the current unsolvable problems. As an experimental building information model (BIM) software construction drawing design attempt, this article explores the urban ecological water conservancy landscape planning and design path, and demonstrates it in combination with specific cases. Therefore, this paper conducts modeling based on three-dimensional virtual landscape, which conducts virtual landscape design and provides technical ideas for the development of this technology.
doi:10.17559/tv-20201211082525 fatcat:vnyk4eildngfpmrwx6kndn4wam