T.K. Chambers
1863 The Lancet  
505 the breeder of cattle, and to the community was discussed, the annual loss on live stock in the United Kingdom from the importation oi diseased cattle being set down at eight millions sterling It was shown that the consumption of meat had not increased according to the increase of population since foreign cattle began to be imported to England, and that the price of meat had become greatly enhanced. This injury to the public health and this waste of the national resources might be put a
more » ... might be put a stop to with certainty; not by the action of individuals, but by sound legislation on the subject of the importation of diseased cattle. Tne present systems of inspection both of imported
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)66994-6 fatcat:qmkomjysnbfnhdstwjt7vwksuu