Analysis of Relationship between Arts Education and Spread of Modern Culture

2019 unpublished
Art originates from social life, which is a reflection of social life. The relationship between art and modern cultural spread has mutual influence, interaction, mutual infiltration and mutual reflection. Permeating art culture education in art teaching will help improve students' cultural taste, culture accomplishment, enrich students' aesthetic emotion, and make art works go out of textbooks and classroom, and be accepted or recognized by the audience. This paper studies the relationship
more » ... en art education and the spread of modern culture, excavates the implicit factors of art culture in teaching materials, makes students feel art culture in the process of art learning, and improves students' artistic cultural literacy. The art discipline should take an active part in guiding the construction of campus culture, and strengthen the influence of the art subject in the recessive curriculum, so that the students can gradually form a healthy aesthetic concept and sharp aesthetic intuition without knowing it. Art education can spread modern culture, improve students' aesthetic ability, broaden students' vision and enrich students' sensibility to beauty.
doi:10.35532/jsss.v3.189 fatcat:wrzlco3hmbgfxokwcirwjdz37u