Monte Carlo studies of pion distributions from heavy ion collisions

Hafez M. A. Radi, John O. Rasmussen, Kenneth A. Frankel, John P. Sullivan, H. C. Song
1983 Physical Review C  
The Coulomb effects on slow pions formed in heavy ion collisions are investigated here by Monte Carlo methods. The trajectory calculations differ fromsome earlier theoreticalwork in that pions are considered to be absorbed if they pass within 0.8 radius of a spectator nuclear center. Absorption in the fireball is implicit in the treatment. The source function (i.e., ii° cross section without shadowing) is also more detailed in that we use a linear combination of thermalized and unthermalized
more » ... ms based on two-fireball and row-on-row models. The numerical calculations are mainly applied to the system 20Ne+ 20Ne at E IA = 655 MeV and resulting IT -hr + ratios and spectra are in satisfactory agreement with experimental results for 20Ne+NaF at this energy.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.27.606 fatcat:qhm5othekjc2jg3uabcqixuqga