Automatic Synthesis of Hardware-Specific Code in Component-Based Embedded Systems

Luka Lednicki, Ivica Crnkovi´c, Mariožagar Marioˇmariožagar
In recent years, there has been a clear trend in research and practice to bring benefits of component based development into the embedded systems domain. However, one often neglected aspect in component models is support for integration of hardware devices like sensors and actuators. In most component models, communication with such devices is either left out completely or considered as an integral part of the software component code. In the latter case, the software components are highly
more » ... ts are highly device-specific, and can hardly be reused on different platform configurations. This paper introduces an approach for automatic synthesis of device-specific code in component models for embedded systems. We divide a system in reusable elements: device-specific code, platform-specific code and device-dependant software component code. Based on a software and hardware model of the system, we then automatically generate glue-code that creates connections between these reusable elements. The result of our synthesis is a system-specific deployable code. The approach is illustrated by a demonstrator and an implementation example using the ProCom component model.