The countering of migration with security

Julia Gelhaar, Fachinformationsdienst Für Internationale Und Interdisziplinäre Rechtsforschung
2021 Verfassungsblog: On Matters Constitutional  
Europeanization received a particular boost in the European Union with the idea of creating a "Common European Asylum System" (CEAS). Even a statement by Spain's then-acting Foreign Minister Pique shortly after the attacks shows how immigration and terrorism were now directly linked: "The reinforcement of the fight against illegal immigration is also the reinforcement of the fight against terrorism." Concerns about the negative impact of migration on, for example, economic prosperity, national
more » ... dentity, social order, and state sovereignty preceded 9/11, but they transformed concerns into migration-related security fears. In Germany, too, the events triggered a debate about internal security; under the Red-Green-led (referring to the Social Democratic-Green coalition, which governed Germany from 1998 -2005) federal government, there were calls for "tightening the law on foreigners." Although this has always been a law to avert danger, it is only since 9/11 that links have been drawn to the threat of terrorism: away from the concrete danger to an abstract threat.
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