Particle Filtering Approach for GNSS Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring and FPGA Implementation

Ershen Wang, Fuxia Yang, Gang Tong, Pingping Qu, Tao Pang
2016 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
An integrity monitoring system is an inseparable part of aviation navigation system for global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Failures or faults due to malfunctions in the systems should be detected and isolated to keep the integrity of the GNSS intact. Because the pseudorange residual noise of navigation satellites does not follow the Gaussian distribution perfectly, and the performance of traditional filtering algorithms, such as the Kalman filter, might degrades for non-Gaussian noise.
more » ... he particle filter algorithm has great advantage to handle the nonlinear and non-Gaussian system. Therefore, in this paper, the particle filter algorithm is employed to GNSS receiver autonomous integrity monitoring(RAIM) to detect the fault of navigation satellite. The log-likelihood ratio(LLR) test is established. By checking the consistency between the state estimate of the main particle filter and that of the auxiliary particle filters, the fault of navigation satellite will be effectively detected. And then, the novel RAIM algorithm is undertaken by field programmable gate array(FPGA). Moreover, the modules of the proposed RAIM algorithm is implemented. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is illustrated in a problem of GPS (Global Positioning System) autonomous integrity monitoring system. In addition, The algorithm and its implementation can be embeded in GNSS receiver.
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v14i4.4196 fatcat:uenuupztrvb2tpeatllpnms23m