Artımsal İletkenlik Yöntemini Kullanarak Fotovoltaik Modülün Maksimum Güç Noktası Takibinin Modellenmesi

Sinan YİĞİT, Mustafa YAĞCI
2020 European Journal of Science and Technology  
Solar energy is of great interest since the beginning of human existence because of its vitality for all living organisms. Once it started to be converted to electrical energy this interest shifted its direction. To date, there have been different types of power electronics methods to harvest the maximum energy from the photovoltaic module. In this study incremental conductance algorithm was summarized and this method for maximum power point tracking was modified for average weather conditions
more » ... f central Anatolian summer. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm provides load matching with the maximum power locus of the photovoltaic (PV) source and in this method PV power remains at its maximum level for different environmental factors such as irradiation and temperature. In incremental conductance method, derivative of power with respect to PV voltage is zero at maximum power point, is negative for right side of the peak and positive for left side of the peak. If this derivative is zero, there is no need for change. However, if it is negative the module voltage needs to be decreased; otherwise it needs to be increased. Increasing or decreasing the voltage depending on the voltage and current measurement was realized by turning on/off the MOSFET which is connected to the DC-DC converter circuit. The proposed model was implemented in the simulation environment and the results were obtained for future experimental verification.
doi:10.31590/ejosat.802613 fatcat:ffmvxqkki5c3xbetcdcyi2yv6e