The Low Lying Double-Exciton State of Conjugated Diradicals: Assessment of TDUDFT and Spin-Flip TDDFT Predictions

Canola, Dai, Negri
2019 Computation  
Conjugated singlet ground state diradicals have received remarkable attention owing to their potential applications in optoelectronic devices. A distinctive character of these systems is the location of the double-exciton state, a low lying excited state dominated by the doubly excited HOMO,HOMOLUMO,LUMO configuration, (where HOMO=highest occupied molecular orbital, LUMO=lowest unoccupied molecular orbital) which may influence optical and other photophysical properties. In this contribution we
more » ... nvestigate this specific excited state, for a series of recently synthesized conjugated diradicals, employing time dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) based on the unrestricted parallel spin reference configuration in the spin-flip formulation (SF-TDDFT) and standard TD calculations based on the unrestricted antiparallel spin reference configuration (TDUDFT). The quality of computed results is assessed considering diradical and multiradical descriptors, and the excited state wavefunction composition.
doi:10.3390/computation7040068 fatcat:f5flvn6tjrgyfc2d37toki2cnu