Predicting Drug Responsiveness in Human Cancers Using Genetically Engineered Mice

David Darr, Mei Liu, Jamie Jordan, Arlene Bridges, Patrick J. Roberts, Wei Zhao, Norman E. Sharpless, William Zamboni, Jeffrey M. Rosen, Lorraine Balletta, Jason I. Herschkowitz, Charles M. Perou (+5 others)
To use genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) and orthotopic syngeneic murine transplants (OSTs) to develop gene-expression based predictors of response to anti-cancer drugs in human tumors. These mouse models offer advantages including precise genetics and an intact microenvironment/immune system.
doi:10.17615/skky-m166 fatcat:zea2fnf7vfgiddw465mkseqx3e