A Study on Prevalence of Trypanosomosis, its Risk Factors and Anaemia in Cattle of Damot Woyde District, Southern Ethiopia

2019 ARC Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences  
A cross-sectional study was conducted from September, 2018 to October, 2018 in three purposively selected peasant associations (PAs) of DamotWoyde district of Southern Ethiopia to determine the prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis,to identify the prevailing species of trypanosomes, to assess potential risk factors and to evaluate the association of anaemia and bovine trypanosomosis. Blood samples were collected from 144 randomly selected cattle of the study PAs and evaluated through conventional
more » ... hrough conventional parasitological methods. The overall trypanosomosis prevalence was found to be 2.08% (95% CI 0. 43-5.96). Trypanosoma congolense was the only species detected in the area. The prevalence was equal in all study PAs which was 2.08%. The study also revealed higher trypanosomosis prevalence in male (3.27%), adult (2.53%), poor body conditioned (6.89%), and black colored (20%) animals than female (1.2%), young (1.54%), medium (0%) and good body conditioned (1.05%), and white (0%) and red (1.98%) colored animals respectively. However, there was no statistically significant variation between the study PAs, sexes, age groups, body condition and hair coat color categories of animals (P> 0.05). The mean packed cell volume (PCV) of infected animals (20.66±1.15 SD) was significantly (P<0.05) lower compared to noninfected animals (25.9±4.04 SD). The overall prevalence of anemia was 30.56% ).All of parasitaemic animals are anaemic with significantly (p<0.05) higher prevalence of anaemia in parasitaemic animals (100%) than aparasitaemic ones (29.07%). In conclusion, bovine trypanosomosis is economically important disease that affects the health as well as productivity of cattle in DamotWoyde district. Hence, integrated trypanosomosis control strategies should be implemented to improve livestock production in the area.
doi:10.20431/2455-2518.0504001 fatcat:j6ezlvuucjfhhk523v5bxxdiru