Cyber Threats/Attacks and a Defensive Model to Mitigate Cyber Activities

Jawad Hussain Awan, Shahzad Memon, Sheeraz Memon, Kamran Taj Pathan, Niaz Hussain Arijo
2018 Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Nowadays, every internet user is part of cyber world. In this way, millions of users, knowledge seekers, and service provider organizations are connected to each other, a vast number of common people shifted their everyday activities to cyber world as they can save their time, traffic problem and gets effective and costless services by using various services such as, online banking, social networking sites, government services and cloud services. The use of Cyber services, eBusiness, eCommerce
more » ... nd eGovernance increases the usage of online/cyber services also increased the issue of cyber security. Recently, various cases have been reported in the literature and media about the cyber-attacks and crimes which seriously disrupted governments, businesses and personal lives. From the literature. It is noticed that every cyber user is unaware about privacy and security practices and measures. Therefore, cyber user has provided knowledge and fully aware them from the online services and also about cyber privacy and security. This paper presents a review on the recent cybercrimes, threats and attacks reported in the literature and media. In addition, the impact of these cyber breaches and cyber law to deal with cyber security has been discussed. At last, a defensive model is also proposed to mitigate cyber-criminal activities. [2]. However, with many benefits, the cyber security is an emerging challenge to all these online/cyber services. Consequently, cyber criminals are making target to most usable and accessible cyber services. In this manner, online fraud, child pornography, hacking, violations of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) are major cyber-attacks, which are increasing day by day. Furthermore, it is also
doi:10.22581/muet1982.1802.12 fatcat:ttqnyeggpvdulgdgwsz3bjc6g4